Irrigation Code of Practice

A code of practice is being implemented in the Angas Bremer region to provide accreditation to growers who are successfully improving their irrigation management.

The Angas Bremer Water Management Committee updated the 'Code of Practice for Irrigators in the Angas Bremer Region' in 2013 to reflect current knowledge of best practice irrigation and to ensure consistency with the Eastern Mt Lofty Ranges and River Murray Water Allocation Plans.  

To comply with the code, growers must complete Irrigation Annual Reports, maintain water use efficiency, and plant and maintain deep-rooted, winter-active vegetation.

Growers who meet the code will be accredited.

The benefits to growers from accreditation are still being developed. Three current benefits are:

  To download a copy of the Code of Practice document, click on the link from the downloads and documents page.

Angas Bremer Best Management Plan

The Angas Bremer Water Management Committee has developed best management practice (BMP) guidelines for watercourse diverters in the region. The BMP includes:

   Various documents relating to the BMP can be downloaded from the quick links and documents menu at the left.

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